My name is Janti and I help people just like you with the aid of conversational hypnosis. The reason I gained the skills and qualifications to become a hypnotist arose from my own personal experience with hypnosis which changed my life 22 years ago. It is for this reason that I aspire to help people in any way I can, to help them make a change in their life for the better.

As a Hypnotherapist, I get asked all sorts of questions about what I do.

In most cases, all I have to say is, shall we try something?

9 times out of 10 the answer is yes let’s do it!  

When a person has been Hypnotised ( put into a trance) by me, they feel so much more at ease with any problem that they may be facing.

They find this state of mind to be an extremely relaxing, peaceful, tranquil, and enlightening experience that shows them where the answers to their problems actually are.  

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help rid one’s self of that one thing that’s been holding them back from being the person they truly desire to be.

Every single one of us think we can kick any habit or vice and be who we think we should be. We all try to be as perfect as we can be for ourselves and for our friends and family, but let’s face it, none of us are perfect. So what we do is our absolute best to be as good as we possibly can be and with my help and hypnosis, I can help you to reach even further than you thought possible. All this for you to become better than you thought, to achieve what you thought was unattainable.

Maybe you are….

These are all problems that can be dealt with even if you are not sure how to achieve the outcome. I am here to effortlessly guide you through this, so you truly do change as a person for the better.

Because your mind is a complicated place.

I want to help you become the person you truly desire to be.

Conversational hypnosis is as simple as having a conversation with me where you are guided into a trance and you are in full control. Your mind is a very busy and complex place indeed and so what I need to do in order to help you achieve your goal, is help you into this state of trance to let you gain control of whatever it is that you have to let go.

Its really that simple.

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It’s never too late to start over