Adult and teenagers with low self-esteem usually get picked on, either by family, so called friends or work colleagues. Being bullied into doing something that you know is not right or having to do something because your boss insists your job depends on it is NOT right, but sometimes these people cannot fight back because they have always been in the back seat when it comes to standing up for themselves.

They could have a negative voice inside their head, unable to achieve their goals and lack any type of motivation. Maybe even suicidal thoughts enter their heads, they are no different to us but just need that little extra help.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as saying, “do what you know is right?” or “stand up for yourself”. These people need help building their self-esteem and confidence so that they may stand up, stand tall and look the world right in the eye (sounds like a song doesn’t it) to be able to prove to themselves they are worthy of being happy and saying enough is enough.

Hypnotherapy can help these individuals become more confident and increase their self-esteem to a point that they will feel like a brand new person, it will seem as if finally the light has gone on and a whole new world has opened up for them.

There is no feeling in this world that compares to the feeling of someone finally breaking through all this negativity and yelling out to the world






There is no stopping this person for they can achieve anything.

Would you like to be this person?

Of course you would, who wouldn’t!! I can help you.


Do you have a Monkey on your back??

Let me explain, do you have something holding you back from being the person to truly desire to be? You may have a fear of heights ( Acrophobia ) holding you back from climbing up a ladder or climbing Brisbane’s Story Bridge, maybe a fear of snakes ( herpetophobia ) stopping you going camping or even going anywhere near a forest.

A phobia is a fear multiplied 100 times maybe 1000 times but it is a problem like any other, people have fears and phobia’s about all different sorts of things, things like fear of animals, snakes, spiders, dogs, birds and even fear of sleep ( Somniphobia ).

Anything that is holding you back from doing what you actually want to do in every day life is annoying and restricting not to mention not allowing you to reach your full potential.

It is important for you to overcome this hurdle in life if you wish to lead a

normal life with friends and family, it would be embarrassing and humiliating if you were the only one that could not achieve something that is relatively easy for everyone else e.g.. going on a picnic if you have a fear or phobia of walking on grass, or phobia of eating outdoors.

These phobias may be of no significance to others but to the people that they affect it is very real and very traumatic, this is where Hypnotherapy can help you in overcoming these fears and phobias for good, so that you may lead a normal life.

You do not have to live with that sort of constant fear in your life. It may be a fear of public speaking, wouldn’t it be great to be able to get up in front of 100’s of people and speak so naturally with confidence.

Once again Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this.

Hypnotherapy can get rid of that monkey on your back forever.

To rid yourself of your own personal monkey on your back

It’s never too late to start over