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Thank you!

Stelios Fanourgakis

I was nervous at the start being my first time but Janti was very welcoming and very comfortable; Was a great experience- really relaxing and beautifully unfurling, will be continuing these sessions with no doubt.


Defiantly recommend janti at diamond hypnotherapy nice comfortable atmosphere 35 years of smoking left a non smoker and still going can't thank Janti enough thanks for changing my life


Janti has been great.
I quit smoking from the first visit and no cigarettes in the last 4 weeks.
No need of patches,no need of medicine and no side effects.
I will recommend to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to quit smoking
to contact Janti

Jake Bryant

Janti is truly talented, I smoked for 8 years and I walked out of the session as a non smoker. I can't thank you enough Janti, I'll be back

Fiona Bramich

After my initial visit with Janti I was feeling so much better and more confident with my decision to give up smoking, I would recommend everyone give it a go, best thing I have ever done for my health, and the financial benefits are definitely a plus.

Tahliah Storie

🚭‼️ DAY 16 OF NO SMOKING ‼️🚭

To say I’m pretty proud of myself is an understatement!
My secret to successfully quitting ..

I walked in wanting to quit but after many failed attempts I didn’t think it would happen, so I spent the money and we went to see Janti at Diamond Hypnotherapy!

There are still times I think of a cigarette but now my mental strength has kept me away from temptation.

And I’m so proud of my husband Justin Storie who was a packet a day smoker and has also now quit after only one visit to see Janti at Diamond Hypnotherapy


I had tried several other techniques to stop smoking over the years but none worked. The hypnotherapy session with Jaynti was very relaxing and I left feeling confident I was no longer a smoker! Jaynti is very professional and friendly and I would highly recommend his Stop Smoking hypnosis.

Jacqui Smith

I was pleasantly impressed how at ease I felt. I feel very comfortable to recommend this service to anyone, thank you


Dear Mr Janti
My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our Hearts. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Its been a long road for myself with drinking alcohol its has affected me and my family for a long time. With a very negative effect. Until now!! With the stereotype of an Aussie bloke working Construction drinking beer watching footy, BBQ, after work beers, its a sunny day, its a rainy day any excuse to drink was it for me with the attitude of she'll be right mate. But it wasn't.
The claws of addiction set on me hard. I tried to stop a lot Doctors Medications that throw me around. Cold turkey until that voice inside my head got me!!!! I can happily say that voice is gone thanks to Janti. The Alcohol is still in front of me, friends drinking, been to the Pub. But no urge to want to drink and honesty I don't know why? No more waking up with that dread. Thinking what did I say? what did I do? Or worse. No more hang over anxiety!! The best thing for me is more time with my family a lot more time. Waking up early its a Blessing. Thank you again Janti and thank you for the on going support . 💖

Administrator Answer
thank you for those very kind words Jesse, it was my pleasure to help you and you are an inspiration to all others out there.

I went to see Janti at Diamond Hypnotherapy to help me with weight loss.
I have tried every diet, challenge you name it.. sometimes I lose weight and then I end up putting more weight on and the journeys are always miserable and overwhelming. I am currently on day 8 of no takeaways, eating smaller portions, moving everyday and so far it’s easy, I don’t know how but it is. I can’t believe how I’m not controlled by food anymore and neither can my family.
This is the longest time of my life I’ve gone without KFC, hot chips, bread and I’m all good. I can only get better from here.
Watch this space!!


I finally quit smoking.
Janti was incredibly welcoming.
Provided a relaxing atmosphere.
7 days since visit and no cigarettes!!
I was out of options to try and I'm so thankful I did this.
Thank you Janti 😊

avinesh K

Thank you Janti for turning my life around for the better, I can't believe in only one session I do not have any desire to smoke.


Janti is amazing to work with.
From first contact, communication was excellent and we were able to discuss my needs and requirements fully and his ability to assist me with my need to quit smoking.
As a 40 year smoker I had tried on many occasions to quit via a multitude of methods of which none had worked.
The sessions were very relaxed and right after the first session I stopped smoking and have not smoked since.
Communication has still been maintained as Janti still keeps in contact making sure that I am still on track and doing well.
I can not recommend Janti enough.


The hypnotherapy sessions I received from Jaynti at Diamond therapy, I must say helped me completely overcome my bad habits. It takes you to a place of harmony and tranquility. In our day to day lives it is hard to find peace sometimes. The session helped me bring my inner peace and allow me to feed myself with positivity. I highly recommend this, as I also was skeptical at first. Whoever is looking to stop smoking, this is something to consider. Would like to thank you for your service and helping me overcome a bad habit in my life.

lance Bilich

hi all,
I truly don't know where to start because I am still trying to process everything.
So before I came to see Janti at Diamond Hypnotherapy I was a very big drinker, that would drink 3-4 times a week ( heavy ) and i would easily spend $300 doing so.
this had been the norm for me for years and I had made a lot of bad and even DEADLY choices while under the influence.
I had lost many close relationships, missed many life changing opportunities and almost lost my relationship with my partner and kids many times.
So after one night one the piss I woke up and thought enough is enough! I was on the edge of losing the only thing I had left which was my partner of 9 years and my relationship and trust with my kids.
So I got off the fence and booked my appointment with Janti at Diamond hypnotherapy, I felt nervous because I didn't know if it would work as I had tried everything else.
Janti did an outstanding job, he made me feel comfortable and ensured I would be ok.
Since then, after only one appointment I have been sober for almost a month now and I am repairing all the relationships I have damaged in the past.
People see the changes I have made as well as myself and the amount of respect I have gained since leaving the drink behind has been overwhelming!
I feel more sharp and I'm eating healthier and have lost 8kgs since my appointment with Janti.
I can't thank you enough Janti you have truly turned my life around for the better. I can now sit around friends and family whilst they enjoy a beer and I have absolutely zero thoughts of picking one up !
So without any thought of drinking, I can now move forward with my life and be the best version of me !
Thank you so much Janti.
Lance Bilich.

Netti Craig

Being a very heavy smoker ( 40-50 Daily ) I had douts I could ever quit smoking, until I called Janti, he was very friendly and professional , he made me feel comfortable. I am now a non smoker and feel amazing, because of this man. His therapy with his continued support worked for me and I'm forever grateful.
thank you so much Janti


Good morning Janti,

1 whole year cigarette free 🚬🚭

Cannot thank you enough for the support you provided before, during and after the hypnotherapy session. I am feeling so much healthier over the last 12 months and I'm very happy I made the decision to see you.

Thank you once again and sending you my blessings.

Katelyn ☺️

Karen K

I had my first appointment with Janti on 17th November 2021 & after 48 years of smoking I left Janti's office at Diamond Hypnotherapy as a non smoker. with a follow up two weeks later. Ten weeks as a non smoker the I hit a major stress situation and caved in, A covid scare, a family member in hospital and a serious temper problem. I rang Janti and we set another appointment and I am smoke free again and even tempered ( yay ) and feeling good. Cannot thank you enough Janti for your help.


I would highly recommend Janti to help you lose weight. I have lost 9kgs since starting on my weight loss journey & I am confident that with Janti's support I will achieve my goal.
He is kind understanding, very easy to talk to & his ongoing support has been hugely beneficial.


Highly recommended service, Janti is very professional & easy to deal with, I felt comfortable & at ease while he helped me through my issues.