Dear Mr Janti My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our Hearts. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Its been a long road for myself with drinking alcohol its has affected me and my family for a long time. With a very negative effect. Until now!! With the stereotype of an Aussie bloke working Construction drinking beer watching footy, BBQ, after work beers, its a sunny day, its a rainy day any excuse to drink was it for me with the attitude of she'll be right mate. But it wasn't. The claws of addiction set on me hard. I tried to stop a lot Doctors Medications that throw me around. Cold turkey until that voice inside my head got me!!!! I can happily say that voice is gone thanks to Janti. The Alcohol is still in front of me, friends drinking, been to the Pub. But no urge to want to drink and honesty I don't know why? No more waking up with that dread. Thinking what did I say? what did I do? Or worse. No more hang over anxiety!! The best thing for me is more time with my family a lot more time. Waking up early its a Blessing. Thank you again Janti and thank you for the on going support . 💖
Administrator Answer
thank you for those very kind words Jesse, it was my pleasure to help you and you are an inspiration to all others out there.