lance Bilich

hi all, I truly don't know where to start because I am still trying to process everything. So before I came to see Janti at Diamond Hypnotherapy I was a very big drinker, that would drink 3-4 times a week ( heavy ) and i would easily spend $300 doing so. this had been the norm for me for years and I had made a lot of bad and even DEADLY choices while under the influence. I had lost many close relationships, missed many life changing opportunities and almost lost my relationship with my partner and kids many times. So after one night one the piss I woke up and thought enough is enough! I was on the edge of losing the only thing I had left which was my partner of 9 years and my relationship and trust with my kids. So I got off the fence and booked my appointment with Janti at Diamond hypnotherapy, I felt nervous because I didn't know if it would work as I had tried everything else. Janti did an outstanding job, he made me feel comfortable and ensured I would be ok. Since then, after only one appointment I have been sober for almost a month now and I am repairing all the relationships I have damaged in the past. People see the changes I have made as well as myself and the amount of respect I have gained since leaving the drink behind has been overwhelming! I feel more sharp and I'm eating healthier and have lost 8kgs since my appointment with Janti. I can't thank you enough Janti you have truly turned my life around for the better. I can now sit around friends and family whilst they enjoy a beer and I have absolutely zero thoughts of picking one up ! So without any thought of drinking, I can now move forward with my life and be the best version of me ! Thank you so much Janti. Lance Bilich.